Here’s the Palm Cam’s opinion of the thing this is cropped, but not scaled; click for the full image, which just includes the white dropsheet around the target. I took this picture without flash, but with a watt halogen flood pointed at the ceiling, so the subject’s illuminated a lot more brightly than it would be in a normal night-time indoor setting. You get ordinary memory that needs battery backup to retain its storage. This full-size QCIF shot that’s all you get at this resolution! Nine frames per second is the best the Aiptek cameras can officially manage in CIF resolution. There’s Ulead Photo Explorer, a perfectly all right image organiser-and-manager which you can download for nothing, but this is the “full” version that doesn’t show you ads , and Ulead Cool , too, for making panorama pictures out of lots of separate overlapping shots. Please register, and get one.

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Aiptek Pencam-palmcam Trio B1. Teeny little cheap fixed focus lenses such as are used by the Aiptek cameras are renowned for funky distortion effects on distant targets; they’re not good at landscape shots. The cameras draw about 1.

The Pen Cam stand is a cup you park the camera in. This option requires no OS understanding. Here’s the Hoberman sphere again, now lit only by the W bulb in the middle of the room: It’s not rubbishmind you – I’ve seen much worse image quality from webcams.

Image quality The field of view of both cameras is a generous 54 degrees – not really wide angle, but good enough for indoor pictures without bumping into walls as you try to fit everything in. Now, it’s possible to wring considerably better results out of a Palm Cam than this, using a bit of post-processing. And the video clip mode might be silent and brief, but being able to make a forward or reverse video with a click of the mouse is still likely to amuse the small ones for quite a while.


After downloading and installing Aiptek Pencam-palmcam Trio, or the driver installation manager, take a few minutes to send us a report: Here’s the Palm Cam’s opinion of the thing this is cropped, but not scaled; click for the full image, which just includes the white dropsheet around the target. Cheap webcams tend to deliver washed-out images and have lousy low light sensitivity.

If there’s not enough light, the Aiptek cameras just refuse to take a shot at all.

Review: Aiptek Palm Cam Trio and Pen Cam Trio

No palmcaam deal for separate shots, but unsightly in video clips. With a quick level adjust and a bit more saturation, the above picture looks like this:.

You can use rechargeable nickel-cadmium NiCd or nickel metal hydride Trrio cells in the Aiptek cameras as well; if you get good rechargeables, they ought to last about as well as carbon-zinc cells. I can’t see how the 8Mb cameras wouldn’t be able to manage only four times these numbers, not the 6.

Aiptek Palm Cam Trio and Pen Cam Trio

And Microsoft’s NetMeeting as well, but you can download the full version of NetMeeting for free anyway, so that’s not much of a plus. Please help us maintain a helpfull driver collection. The Aiptek cameras are perfect examples. Inside, the Palm Cam seems well enough made, for what it is.

Aiptek Pencam-palmcam Trio Driver Download

If you’re looking for a digital camera you can give to the kids, the Palm Cam fits the bill. They’ve got low resolution by pixellow cost, colour video sensors – complementary metal-oxide semiconductor CMOS instead of the more expensive, lower noise, higher palmfam Charged Couple Devices CCDs used in higher resolution cameras – but they’ve got a block of RAM in there too, and batteries, so you can aipetk them from the computer and take pictures on the run.


The cameras always draw a little current from their two AAA cells; flatten or remove the batteries and you lose the memory contents.

There are, according to the specs on the side of the boxes, two versions of each of these cameras, one with two megabytes of RAM and one with 8Mb. Here’s the Hoberman sphere again, now lit only by the W bulb in the middle of the room:.

Any half-decent real tripod is likely to cost more than the Palm Cam itself, but you can still put it on one if you like.

I wil keep coming back for sure. Apart from the shape, the only real difference between the Pen and Palm cameras is the USB connection.

apitek If the rather questionable image quality of a webcam’s good enough for your purposes, the Palm Cam in particular is a pretty nifty little item. If you actually use the camera, of course, battery life drops. The Aiptek Aplmcam Cam Trio, that’s what. The circular distortion artefacts in this Palm Cam image click for the full size version are typical. The Pen Cam also comes with a second clip you can hook onto the back or front of the camera, presumably to put it in a pocket facing forward; pzlmcam Palm Cam comes with a rather nice wrist strap, which looks capable of keeping safe a much heftier camera than this one.

Add a separate microphone connected to the appropriate input on your sound card and you can record talkie video clips, properly use videophone-ish software like NetMeeting, and so on.