But try beginning with all 4 files first. The second can be. Programming the ASPI layer. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Launch a search on all four files composing the Aspi layer and delete or rename all copies which are not in the specified folders.

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Radified: ASPI layer drivers updated with Force ASPI [ForceASPI v]

But try beginning with all 4 files first. The causes lyer disappearing drives may be different under Windows You can do that for each of the control sets, but the control set which matters is the CurrentControlSet.

The ASPI manager is specific to the host laywr and operating system; its primary role is to abstract the host adapter specifics and provide a generic software interface to SCSI devices. Right-click on the key and choose ‘Modify’, then delete the contents.

Files composing the ASPI layer. The exact commands may vary according to your hardware. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. See the FrogAspi Web site. After that, reboot the computer. You will find below an example for an AHAx Adaptec adapter. Aspi licensing conditions changed at this time Adpatec asked for the kind of software and even for the name of the programs which would be distributed with the Aspi layer.


You can also use our utility AspiTest functionnally equivalent of Adaptec Aspicheck. They both lock up not responding.

See our Vendor Licensing Information to find out how. Modem 56k – 1 minutes, 4 seconds DSL k – 0 minutes, 14 seconds T1 1. If you experience problems with this ASPI configuration, you have several options to consider. The ASPI manager should be loaded through command lines in your config. Third party vendors may license this package for distribution. If you have changed this directory, please note the directory you have chosen.

Force ASPI

The consequence is that the ATAPI lzyer are locked out anyway and don’t appear in the list in other words, the locking out of the drives happens 1 if there is no key or 2 if the key exists and contains “ATAPI”. This is an incorrect way of stating things. Microsoft licensed the interface for use with Windows 9x series.

The version of the Aspi layer should be 4. Lzyer first one is a kind of Bios layer, the second a kind of Dos layer. Therefore, more and more applications install and update the ASPI layer to do their job.


Under Windows NT, please note that you have to do the installation from an administrator account to be able to install the service.

Launch a search on all four files composing the Aspi layer and delete or rename all copies which lqyer not in the specified folders. Both rippers work again. Then select the OK button to run the XP installer.

The other error codes should be self-explanatory. Select the ‘Properties’ item, then the ‘Version’ tab. Some user reported it while using Easy CD Creator.

Adaptec – Adaptec Driver: ASPI drivers version Download Detail

It is stored in a subfolder named ASPI in the installation folder. Goodall – Ampro Computers”. See a sample of correct command lines for the AHAx adapter.

This seems to be a catch-all error code.