Theoretically, the resolution can also be enhanced to x pixels, whereas the visible area doesn’t increase and scrolling becomes necessary in order use the screen completely. Products may not be available in all markets. A substantial difference to other netbooks is that the Asus Eee PC H is equipped with a classical hard disk. Use the drivers from. These are positioned very user-friendly for that. No big thing for the protective cover included in the range of delivery of the Eee H.

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HCI device and connection manager initialized [ This is plenty of juice for a cross-country flight and is similar to the Wind NB’s runtime. Most significant is probably the practical runtime in WLAN modewhere with maximal brightness in energy savings profile a battery runtime of a very good minutes could be reached, equivalent to 5 hours. The surface temperatures, contrarily, stayed with a maximum of approx. Streaming music over Pandora was loud enough to fill a small living room.

The integrated speakers are suitable at best for playing quiet background music. On the one hand, with an ambiguous display and on the other with a very jam-packed keyboard with very small keys which barely allowed an accurate typing. There are three USB 2. As already mentioned in the beginning, the first netbooks had to struggle with one or two problems: Some other users haven’t had the chipset driver problem. Add in the improved silver hinge and the black-on-silver combination and you have a high-fashion look.


Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance.

The display brightness turned out to our complete satisfaction, in our test. In the practical testthe performance of the Eee PC H absolutely turned out to our satisfaction.

Embrace Easy, Excellent and Exciting Computing with New Eee PC™ 1000H

With the zoom function, the enlargement degree can be adjusted in the cutout. The resolution and power-mode buttons are the most interesting:.

With this the Eee H has a lead on many of its netbook colleagues, these being equipped with a smaller dimensioned energy source. A virus scanner in the background can already be responsible for very evident decelerated processing of single actions, since the performance reserves are innately calculated very tight.

Similar Notebooks

Asus Eee PC H, with courtesy of: The Eee H from Asus shows itself stingy, like most similar netbooks, in regards to the offered connections. The irregularity of single benchmarks at similar equipment can primarily be explained by the pre-installed software.

Es gibt noch ein Paket http: The first Eee PC was a milestone in the personal computer business, [2] [ citation needed ] launching the netbook category of small, low-cost. Apart from ass few keys, these have now a passable and good to use size of 1.


Eee PC H Driver & Tools | Laptops | ASUS USA

No big thing for the protective cover included in the range of delivery of the Eee H. Product specifications may differ from country to country. One finger on the pad and a double-tip with another activates the magnifying function, which enlarges a small cutout of the image considerably.

Bei der Installation des Headers kommt: Attached scsi generic sg0 type 0 [ 1.

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Ich habe die beiden Dateien: You’ll have to take the other hand to help typing because the thumb can’t bring up the necessary strength needed on the keys for long. Hast du davon was eingegeben? In addition, the slanted position caused by the battery also has a very positive effect on the ergonomics when using the netbook.

This resolution is not yet a asjs for displaying pictures, though. Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies. This can score, like always, with its stable construction thanks to the used material out of magnesium.