Scanimage need to fix the message when it can not access the scanner to have the right bus and dev number and also tell the user that the problem is a write access problem. Distro Ubuntu Development Release. You can follow Brother install process on their website if you wish. October 3rd, 6. October 2nd, 5.

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Click to choose 2 languages. I installed a fresh copy of saucy to verify that it wasn’t just something to do with the upgrade.

Add the following line to the file, just before the line The following rule will disable USB autosuspend for the device. Unfortunately you have to pay a third party to continue using the scanner you already paid for. In my case it was bus and device Brother acknowledged my ticket, but aside from that all I’ve gotten is dead air.

Ricardo Olivares luuzifa said on This is CUPSwrapper printer driver. I’m pretty stuck at this point, any help would be appreciated.

I can not download the driver for my printer, the printer is a Brother MFC-240C.

October 2nd, 5. Open a Terminal window and type: Of particular interest is the udev rule discussed in many answers has been updated and works fine. October 3rd, 7. This is LPR printer driver. Someone linked to a deb udev file on the Brother website but the buttons for downloading are broken so here is there direct link: LPR printer driver deb package 2 languages.


Scanner Driver Source Codes Select your language. I think this is the link where I download it from, but also like I said, I have the original disk from brother thanks delance. At this stage I was in despair after wasting hours on websearching this issue. Download Brother Printer Drivers using the tool. Yes, i know sane should automatically install as dependency of xsanebut I’ve seen situations when it’s missing for some reason.

The error Invalid argument is not mgc argument problem, but is a write access problem. What kernel are you running? As indicated by the ‘ ‘, I was running the command as root and still getting the error, so this was definitely not the solution to the error above.

Brother’s website has a notice that all brscan1 models no longer support usb scanning as of Ubuntu Can anyone else verify that they have this working?

I bought another printer-scanner based on the sane compatibility list.

October 1st, 2. Then I could scan, but my toolbar disappeared.


Brother updated software December 25, 2017.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Install brscan3, or another variant of brscan according to your model: But I also told you that I have the original CD from the printer, I mean the driver, so can you help me with that? It doesn’t hurt to install them, and for me it was the solution!

LPR printer driver deb package Select your language.

However once I upgraded from these, scanning broke. Ubintu you were expecting something different, check that the scanner is plugged in, turned on and detected by the sane-find-scanner tool if appropriate.

OS Windows 10 bit Windows 10 bit Windows 8.