Administrator E-Mail Address Specifies the contact address of the administrator and service center using up to 63 alphanumeric characters. Re-enter Community Name Enter the community name to access read only data again to confirm. Supply Setting Function Toner cartridge Toner Saver in the This drop-down menu allows the users to select a print mode that uses less toner. Disable Disables the wireless connection. Uninstall Dell Cw Laser.

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I saw that some others on this forum have had this problem too.

Straighten them before setting them. Printer is obviously seeing Printer but c6160w printing. The duration of this procedure may vary based on the network traffic.

Dell C1660W Printer Driver Download

Enable Stateless Address Displays whether to enable the stateless address. To specify a link used for ordering consumables, which can be accessed from Order Supplies at: It came with the printer.

The printer automatically searches the access points on wireless network. Current Password Enter the current password to change the password. To display the service tag of the printer. This information is usually indicated on the paper package. Others tab of the printer When this feature is used, the image quality will be lower than when it is not driver used. To set or change the password that is required to access the setup parameters of the printer from the Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool.


Business paper designed for general business use also provide acceptable print quality. Auto Registration Adjustment Displays whether fell automatically adjust color registration. To avoid jams, flatten them as shown below when loading them in the MPF.

Mac I in will not print on Dell Cw… – Apple Community

To print a detailed list of paper jams and fatal errors. Adjust Fusing Unit C166w0 Default Paper Size Displays the default paper size. To display the information on the wireless signal strength. See “Printer Status Window” on page Open Indicates that the cover is open.

Contact Person Specifies the contact name, number, and other information of the administrator and service center using up to 63 alphanumeric characters. If the printer is listed, select the printer and click Next, or select The printer that I c166w isn’t listed and type in the path of the printer in the Select a shared printer by name text box and click Next. These pages show the details of the status regarding each protocol or job. To print the settings and history information of your printer.

Removing the Toner Cartridges. The Dell Printer Setup file launches automatically. When Loading Envelope 10, DL, or Monarch Load envelopes with the side to be printed on facing up, the flap side facing down, and the flap turned to the right.


Dell C1660w Color Laser Print User Manual: Adding A Printer On Mac Os X 10.4.11

On the operator panel, you can also confirm the following: On Disables printing if the paper size set in the printer driver differs from the paper set in the tray of the printer the paper set in the tray is larger. The selected report or list is printed.

Dell Service Tag Number Displays the service tag number of your printer. Press the Set button to return the settings to the factory default menu settings. Recycled Sets the temperature settings for the fusing unit for recycled paper within the range of -3 to 3. Check the passphrase for the wireless LAN access point Registrar or router and execute the operation again according to the c660w procedure.