Heed the advice of shutting off the power source before working on the unit. Building Science Discussions Pro’s Forum: Mel, good to see you back on here! We respect your privacy. The 6 is how wide they are. The Lennox 72H09 is the correct replacement filter for the following air cleaners:. Which screw for hasp lock?

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When it comes to maintaining an air filter for your home, which would you prefer?

This charcoal filter is an genuine Lennox part and is made from high quality construction material. Newsletter Sign-Up Signup Email address. Gushing water in heating pipes.

Lennox 72H09 EAC Carbon Filter Replacement Sale $

I didn’t know 3M made a Filtrete 4″ filter. Hope this helps you decide what you want to do. Related Forums The place where Electrical professionals meet. Results 1 to 13 of Originally Posted filg chaard. Nothing at all wrong with what you want to do. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Electronic air cleaners need to be cleaned monthly with harsh chemicals to be effective and the power supplies fiot fail on them.


House is cleaner now! They dont zap like a bug zapper, it just sets up a charge that attracts dust. To be honest we’ve fi,t seen any difference. Which screw for hasp lock?

Oil Burners Pro’s Forum: Natural flowing Artesian well – run off piping clogged.

Replace EAC with media filter

I have allergies to dust and it seems to me like my allergies have been really bad since moving to this house. The Thrill of Exceeding Expectations. General Discussion Pro’s Forum: Harley softail 12 volt dilemma.

If you think about the amount of time the furnace is running that is the only time a filter has a chance of working so it’s pretty minimal unless you run blower motor constant.

You are not alone in your preference – we ec a recent “blind” survey of 2, homeowners meaning, folks surveyed didn’t know HON was asking Q’s.

Getting Pumped for ! I removed the two cartridges not sure if this is the correct name from the EAC housing. So, swithcing may not be any more of an improvement!


Or is it really not that bad? Putting them in a dishwasher every month or so?

Lennox 72H09 EAC-2000 Carbon Filter Replacement

The 6 is how wide they are. Great survey infromation,thanks for posting it.

Also have a technician check the temperature rise with the media filter in place; a blower speed increase might be required to compensate from the additional restriction. Also read about the hassle of cleaning this EAC.

Replacing Carrier EAC With Filter

I also called my tech over to check the air iflt there was no significant difference from the values he recorded with the EAC in place last week, and I can’t feel any difference in the air flow from the registers either. Lennox Furnace Filters Category: You can also have a regular media filter cabinet installed. Building Success with Routines and Rituals.