Get connected through wireless LAN networks. I’d really really appreciate any assistance. Or should I give up on Ubuntu and never bother with this OS again even though it’s definitely my favorite.. And then trying to install them in Linux with dpkg -i, I have a shit load of dependencies. No fiddling around with any settings or drivers. All I need is to switch the IP from which resolutions will be made. Looks much nicer now, and I don’t have to feel the surface-printed labels either.

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Basically it seems that I have to have the internet to get what I need to access the internet. Also had a scrot dependency issue when trying to install that with.

ETEKCITY Mbps USB Wireless Adapter Model : CFAC disconnecting to wifi : wifi

Weird observation, pvscan, vgscan, etc do not pick any of this up until partprobe is executed. Making a new thread, will post in a few. If you want people to take the time to help you with your problem, take the time to explain it to them properly. We are not here to fix problems with your Internet Service Provider.

For example a wireless mouse that has its own USB adapter that transmits wirelessly to the mouse is often called a dongle.


But if you’re fine with reading in landscape mode and scrolling vertically portrait with a full-page will probably be a bit too small you should be good to go. You keyboard people are totally nuts.

/g/ – Technology

Ebay does give me some confidence in a refund if it is a chink trick. Embed this content in your HTML. I thought I’d share this little nugget to hopefully save someone else some time. Getting skype to work on lubuntu The partitions get made but ti does not work. Have a good one. What is wrong, then?

I got a couple projects that could use a smallish screen but if it looks really distorted from different angles it’s kinda useless. Browsing All Articles 37 Articles. I have a job, I pay my taxes, let me buy my fucking chink shit in peace.

Most people just don’t want a terrible sci-fi font on their keyboards. I’ve made many threads about this over the period that goes beyond a month but less than two asking for help, here’s my latest thread:.

Wireless LAN – Are you the publisher? Cf-912aac thread is focused on the question: But no one ever is able to help me, people have tried but none were successful.


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Then cr-912ac decided to install Arch Linux the right way, and boom! I went through all the installation but the setup wizard dissapears for about 15 min before i quit out and try again. List of printer and scanner software available. In Debian, it even shows up as wlan0 in the terminal iwconfig I believe.

You are advised to contact the seller for shipment information. And I’m really not in the etekxity for designing a new board to replace the Chink shit that’s currently inside it. I tried cf-91a2c install skype and there was no sound. Kek also referred to as kuk in his male form is an ancient Egyptian God of chaos, who is represented in pictures as either a frog or a man with a frog head. I found it doesn’t like USB 2.

I don’t use X since the server is headless. They’ve also got a great battery life.