Whenever the X server is started, it asks HAL for the list of input devices and adds each of them with their respective driver. Getting started with uinput: Should I be using evdev or synaptics for my touchpad? OK but where’s the driver? By default, when libinput is the only available input driver for Xorg, no additional configuration is needed. An example InputClass section is provided below:.

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By default, when libinput is the only available input driver for Xorg, no additional configuration is needed. Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. However, be aware that it is likely your desktop preferences, if you have them, will override your system-wide settings. This can of course be omitted.

Complete guide to configuring your touchpad with Linux

Sign up using Facebook. Thus, if you select “us” in gdm evddev log in and then “de” in the GNOME session, the effective keyboard layout for future sessions is “de,us”.

I’m running Slackware-current on a ThinkPad T Examples for such touchpads are found on the Lenovo x series and Apple laptops. Not all options are appropriate; for example, Elantech touchpads don’t support pressure, and many other touchpads don’t support multitouch.


Some devices may get picked up by the X server when they shouldn’t be. It’s supposed to override the evdev driver, but it didn’t for me on my last boot. Simply re start the graphical toudhpad for the changes to take effect. It should already be set as the default input device driver by the make.

[ubuntu] touchpad with evdev not work

Synaptics touchpad not recognised by synaptics wvdev Instead, the whole touchpad works as a button. Other types will be ignored by the server. As stated above, input. This section would match a pointer device containing “Lasermouse” from “Lasermouse Inc. Could this be a result of me selecting the wrong option for my default mouse type when first installing slackware?

Found 3 mouse buttons [ Is what associates the physical devices with this driver. MOUSE, id 14 [ OK but where’s the driver?

Files with the suffix. If you leave it in, you should make sure all new users have sensible options set by copying a working. If you need to reset your password, click here. For comments or queries, please contact us.


synaptics – Gentoo Wiki

It is not needed under xorg-xdrv-libinput which auto-detects clickpads. Comment out any old config for synaptics before replacing it with this new config. The default snippet shipped with the xorg-xdrv-Xorg package is evdev. If none are present and referenced in the ServerLayout section, the server automatically adds the first mouse and keyboard device in the xorg. Uncomment whichever is not approriate. It also allows for additional, user-specific configuration options.

If this option is disabled, then no devices will be added from HAL touchpwd. Or does evdev, being a dvdev driver perform more slowly?