I love my s, but I could see myself playing M2 very easily. They not only understand the technology used in the latest golf equipment, but they also test new clubs extensively. Already have an account? My first impression of them is that they look really sharp. From the link below: Weather guy said yesterday’s high temp was the lowest recorded in our area since February,

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The long irons are especially forgiving and for those of us who need that extra forgiveness but still want more control than the typical game improvement set these are a rock solid choice.

Never have been and never will be – so right away you can relax! Yes, the fake is on the top.

Do you think the same applies to component club manufacturers? If there is a “real” one on eBay it is either a really good fake or stolen from the foundry in China.

Taylormade R9 Driver(Could this be a fake?)

The entire TW line boasts impressive specs and looks. There is not space to reveal all the tell-tale signs that mark out a counterfeit from the genuine article — but here are just a few examples of the sort of discrepancies which give the game away. Sole — the weights not sitting flush or fitting as they should.


I came across one and asked the seller for the serial number and he said he looked where it is located on the R9 irons on the 9r, near the hosel, right of the Taylormadf logo and all that is there is “11”.

The Big Review – TaylorMade R9 Irons

Headcovers are also counterfeited. Posted May 18, There are some more subtle differences when comparing the soles taylormaxe the clubs. JArmourMay 13, Videos 1 week ago.

I have seen clubs come off the PGA tour or from a cub pro that have retail numbers that don’t show up in the system.

Face tatlormade quite hot. I had done extensive research on this board and others to make sure it is genuine but have mixed flags. Only a subtle change and you would not notice unless you were comparing them with each other.

fake taylormade r9 driver – royywop

I think these clubs will be big winners with the mid-to-high handicap set. Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. In these examples fale fake is on the bottom or in the foreground. They have taylormadd 15 rounds on them in 3.

Looks legit but I dont know? Much more harsh when mishit though, but I knew that was coming. Not sure how they track canadian retail offerings. Note also that the plastic ferrule — which covers the join between clubhead and shaft — is slightly thinner on the ffake. In this example the counterfeit is on the. It was a windy afternoon and about degrees. Performance — Easier to hit than the R9 and R11 however felt that this sort of driver is more suited to the lower handicapper or professional.


Not having the grooves in the black section of the cavity is not right. There are only minor discrepancies but if you know what you’re looking for they are a little more obvious. The parts look so much alike, even to weight and structural distribution, that the only difference appears to be poor workmanship at assembly. Too many variables in that foot pitch, including lie and how badly you may have short-sided yourself.

The shafts are of the same clubs — and again, the impostor is the top one. Published at Monday, 09 April However, the real R11 meets PGA tour specs and. I was hoping I would hit taylomade M1 better since I like the appearance better, but that was not the case.