Status Not open for further replies. D4RK1C3 , Sep 15, And finally please take a look at what I plan for the build and let me know if you see anything that stands out as wrong. Thanks for those that had input and suggestions. D4RK1C3 , Sep 21, Now it worked just fine without any problem. A lot of what I read said this wasn’t the case.

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The zacate is a great platform for a file server. A lot of what I read said this wasn’t the case. I assume the speeds would do better with more than two drives and the use of a raidz. It shouldn’t be a problem now, but if I want to add in the future will I be able to?

Realtek 8111E

D4RK1C3Sep 16, Am I doing something wrong? Our Mission As host of the pfSense open source firewall project, Netgate believes in enhancing network connectivity that maintains both security and privacy. FreneasSep 10, After you’ve uploaded it you’ll have to kldload it from the command line to test it.

The big difference is that whatever was stopping my m-search requests with freenas is no longer an issue and the media server is instantly available to my ps3. Ideally, I’d like to get the built-in card working, but at least I can now look for an add-on network realteek. I did the custom install of the network driver as it is not natively supported. I can send a wake on lan to it from my router by going to Forums Search Forums Recent Posts.


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Sep 7, 3. It’s working on my system very well. So I am now done with the build in the terms that I have my media the way I want it being hosted on my nas available as a dlna server.

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I moved the ac3 track up to the very first ac3 track just below the dts track. I get roughly the same amount of watts booting 51watts that D4RK1C3 gets, but it drops quickly to 40, then 38, reealtek finally 32 watts when idle. HolyK Ninja Turtle Moderator.

Not sure why, but its very noticeable. By the way the driver mention in the above thread seem to case the kernel to get fatal exception on bootup and the kernel seems to crash and reboot in cycle.

So I know all my hardware is good. If there’s not enough processor power to hand the raidz then I could use a pcie raid controller. Thanks for those that had input and suggestions. I spent alot of time pulling blu rays to mkv files, and trying to use various programs to get it to be usable on the ps3. I wanted to provide some conclusions and some struggles I had along the way. I was thinking that myself and was going to try a different psu once I dug it up.


81111e New posts Search forums. MrSmegzabushSep 7, It’s probably resltek driver issue, I had the exact same problem. By the way it sends alive broadcasts every 10 seconds instead of every seconds.

I am happy to hear read your info. My plan is to digitaly store my bluray collection for network viewing on my laptop, tablet, and ps3. Yes, my password is: Also when I have a sata optical drive plugged into the motherboard freenas 7 sees it fine.