SystemWakeEnabled This value is set to 1 to allow the user to control the ability of the device to wake the system from a low-power state. If the descriptor is present, the driver stack assumes that the device contains one or more OS feature descriptors and the data that is required to retrieve those feature descriptors. On the OSR USB FX2 device, these two endpoints are configured for loopback, so the device moves data from the bulk-in endpoint to the bulk-out endpoint. If Universal Serial Bus devices does not appear in the list of device classes, then you need to install the driver by using a custom INF. For this device, the function’s AlternateInterfaceNumber parameter is set to 0, and the value of the PipeIndex parameter varies from 0 to 2. Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues.

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What is the exact model number of your TV tuner card? The Length member is set to the size of the data buffer.

WinUSB Device – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs

Read about this change in our blog post. Getting information about the device, configuration, and interface settings of all interfaces, and their endpoints. The application can set this through the user interface UIsuch as by providing a set of eight check box controls to specify which elements of the light bar should be lit. This thread funtcion locked. In Windows 8, the in-box Winusb. Choose the type you’d like to provide: You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot intsall to this thread.


After you have completed all the required calls to the device, release the file handle and the WinUSB interface handle for the device.

Open Device Manager and locate the device. AddReg section of your custom INF.

How to Access a USB Device by Using WinUSB Functions

We recommened that you provide a universal INF. This topic contains these sections: The contents of the driver package must be digitally signed with a Winqual release signature.

For device-to-host transfers, set RequestType to 1. The new class property is not supported on earlier versions of Windows. For a composite device, there are multiple function sections.

After the device is enumerated and initialized, these registry entries get written under the Device Parameters section of the hardware key. Attach the USB device to your computer. In the left pane, click Turn Windows features on or off link.

So if you really care about having a customized description for your device on earlier version of Windows, you have to write your own custom INF. PipeInId, cbSize ; if!

The USB controller class is strictly used for installing controllers, hubs, and composite devices. There are no open issues. This value is set to in milliseconds to indicate the amount of time in milliseconds to wait before determining that a device is idle.


Release the Device Handles After you have completed all the required calls to the device, release the file handle and the WinUSB interface handle for the device.

The value indicates the vendor code that the USB driver stack must use to retrieve the extended feature descriptor. Note that this class is not limited to WinUSB.

In other words, when a device is installed under “USBDevice” class, system queries the device for a device description and sets the Device Manager string to whatever is retrieved in the query.

How do I install Winusb.sys as the device’s function driver using an .inf file in Win 7?

Prior to Windows 8 if you choose Winusb. For example, provide an appropriate manufacture’s name, the name of your signed catalog file, the correct device class, and the vendor identifier VID and product identifier PID for the device. Initialize the members to represent the request type and data as follows: The information in this topic applies to you if you are an OEM or independent hardware vendor IHV developing a device for which you want to use Winusb.

For unclassified devices, use “USBDevice”.