You might want to test drive the preamp with some inexpensive in relative terms s like the late production Philips former Sylvania plant in U. Is my computer at risk if I disable Secure Boot? Jim, I don’t have any issue with you tagging onto this thread, but you might want to start another thread just so folks with a similar question in the future might be able to more easily find the information. Steve on 25 Jan , A quick and clear transient dynamics, but warm and relaxed at the same time — breathtaking! Don’t you think a man of his caliber couldn’t make a kick ass all solid state headphone amp? Well in your case it can be different it all is system Dependant.

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6922 Tube Review – 17 Top 6922 6N23P E88CC CCa 7308 E188CC tubes

Amazing bass — finishing in a tie for 2. The point averages were obtained from the total sum of all 8 songs and divided by 8, for an average song point total. Gm is the change in plate current with a change in grid to cathode voltage,, with a constant plate to cathode voltage. This is expected behavior. Or that could just be tube variances.

So I decided to assemble these awesome tubes together and give them an intense one week roll-a-thon. Np on 25 Jan Use the down arrow key to select Enabled or Disabled depending on your requirements. The Telefunken version is a pricey devil, and not so common in the Eet.


Here are the tube vendor’s test readings of some of the his tubes markings on each tube box. Is there a bit of hardness, glassiness or harshness — very evident on female vocals and some instruments like the vibraphone ett piano. Here is another area where tubes can outshine solid state – giving a warmth to the sound. Turn off the computer, wait a few seconds, turn on the computer, and then immediately press Esc repeatedly until the Startup menu opens.

I am not going to name the Vendor I bought the last closely matched low noise quad of EH tubes from.

That was tube rolls over the course of a week. PS Note these are just one audiophile’s impressions on his unique systems and with his personal preferences. My customer was reviewer Rich Weiner who wrote for Bound for Sound.

, et al Burn-in?

Nice string dynamics on the ‘IV Largo’ opening. Kind of a cold tonality, just a little thin on the bones.

Some in this test blew me away at how good they were. If you disabled Secure Boot, type the four-digit code displayed in the Operating System Boot Mode Change message, and then press Enter to confirm the change.


They are still my 3 6N23P and ran very well in this tube Olympics. Secure Boot settings for consumer notebook computers To enable or disable Secure Boot on an HP notebook computer, first confirm if Legacy Support is available and enabled.

As you know, there are many versions of a 6DJ8, 69922 they can all sound h, even different batches from the same label.

RTLe at 0xf80e, Please reread my last posts, as I have some 58 years actual experience 45 years since collegeincluding college lab and my own personal lab, and have explained some basic aspects ph cathode operating principles.

Some seem to extend almost infinitely. In my case nothing can touch the tubes I mentioned.

Registered protocol family 17 [ 0. Jim My apologies to the OP for getting off topic. And one of the most difficult instruments for a tube to get right – the Vibraphone. Funny how even today for example, the audio engineering genius Dr.

I would venture a guess that one of two reasons apply. And ef, back to the tube review. This variance may be both horizontal and verticle.