This example describes how to enable i. ADC, Sitara, Touch screen. It should be noted, that the noise level on these pins might be higher than on the dedicated ADC input signals, as these are routed as digital signals on the module. The parameter “ti,adc-channels” needs to hold data related to which channels you want to use for ADC. The inputs are 0 indexed, so the usable inputs are

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A new conversion cycle can be initiated after the previous data is read. The parameter “ti,adc-channels” needs to hold data related to which channels you want to use for ADC.

Since the ADC is shared with the touchscreen its not recommended to change the ADC characteristics such as sample time. To determine which entry corresponds to which driver read asc name descriptor with: The ADC drivers only support “one-shot” mode. Continuous capture mode is not currently supported.

It captures the signal at the end of sampling period and starts conversion. Application takes buffer length to use in this example and the number of iterations you want to run 3 in this example.


Linux Core ADC Users Guide – Texas Instruments Wiki

On BeagleBone platform, P9 expansion header can be used. Adx from ” http: Vybrid provides support for continuous sampling with its ADC peripheral. We created a test program to show how the driver can be used, see adc-test. Currently only software triggers are supported, they are accessible through sysfs. Read the input value of a channel with: The inputs are 0 indexed, so the usable inputs are For further information of J8 connector layout please refer to EVM schematics here.

Digi Embedded Yocto version 2. An analog-to-digital converter abbreviated ADC is a device that uses sampling to convert a continuous quantity to a discrete time representation in digital form.

Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)

From Texas Instruments Wiki. When the user wants to continuously take samples, continuous mode needs to be enabled. By just enabling the buffer ADC ix to continuous mode. Read the input value of a channel with:.

The STMPE supports up to 8 analogue inputs, however, input are used for the resistive touchscreen interface. Keep in mind that opening and closing a file for every ADC read-out is relatively slow and rather resource intensive.


Contents [ hide ]. MX6 ADC driver support through the following kernel configuration option: For further information on expansion header layout please refer to the Beaglebone schematics here.

IMX.6UL ADC example program | NXP Community

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. The device tree must contain entries for: Ix ADC controllers are bit resolution, right justified, unsigned format. Starting with BSP versions 2. Compile the device tree and install it in your platform.

About us Contact us Support. To learn the syntax of the application run: The generic buffer code present in Linux kernel source tree can be used to test the continuous sampling functionality.