Post as a guest Name. Message 6 of To create a constant input for the Auto Zero node so that the Auto Zero is always enabled, create a Constant at the Autozero terminal on the Auto Zero node. When writing an instrument control application for a serial instrument, you will communicate with a COM port rather than the serial instrument connected to the COM port. Select Histogram Single-Shot to find the discrete histogram of our signal.

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Reposition controls on the Diagram for Configure Output and Enable Output nodes to make room for extra controls.

Wire together the path with new extension terminal on the top right of the Replace File Extension Node to the file terminal on the top left of the Write Delimited Spreadsheet Node.

DakotaD 1 You can find the latest VISA driver here. Please post a jpg or a LV compatible version Regards. The default value is I want to do sweep measurement using keithley with labview Go back to the Panel by selecting Panel on the View Selector. Drop down all of the indicators and controls from the Unplaced Items box onto the Panel.

I am using GPIB controller to connect Keithley to my PC, however I don’t have any experience using this labview software, can anyone suggest how to create this kind of program?


Can you please post the VI even a simplified version where you use the driver? Go back to the Diagram by selecting Diagram in the View Selector. Expand the Build Array Node to include multiple elements.

Then wire together the error out terminal of the Write Delimited Spreadsheet Node to the error in terminal of the Close Node. Message 9 of Serial instruments are not visible in MAX or the Hardware tab.

I am very new to labview and keithley The instrument is now configured. Rename the control “File Name”. I have attached the program in my previous post.

Keithley 2400

Create some extra space here by holding Ctrl while clicking and dragging your mouse to the right on the Diagram. Create a control for the name or relative path terminal on the left hand side of the Build Path Node.

Add an input for the number of bins to create by right clicking the number of bins 10 terminal on the left hand side of the Histogram Node and selecting Create control. The COM port will not lbview up in the Hardware tab. We’ll be focusing on the section containing the “Read Multiple Points ” Node. Kindly help me in this regard.


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By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Keith,ey for your reply. Create a constant for the new extension terminal on the left side of the Replace File Extension Node.

This site uses cookies to keithleg you a better browsing experience. Customize the Panel of the VI to fit the application’s needs. First ensure you have the NI-Serial driver installed.

Keithley SourceMeter – Instrument Driver – National Instruments

If you select the device, you can see additional properties, such as the device name, as well as any software or drivers that are installed on your system to support this device. You might want to try the Getting Started with Instrument control and the Labvifw guide. Please post a jpg or a LV compatible version.