You can not post a blank message. After the change power on the VM again. It might not be present if the default emulated sound card is in use. The File Manager shows wrong dates for files changed in or after the year It was still too slow for me, not fluid enough. Yet I cannot perform defragmentation operations on it or checking it for errors. He also has a nice tool to mount floppy disk images on Windows.

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Both are available on my website see profile. So a decent machine is required, even for older games. Warning message when launching Half-Life 2: Microsoft Network Client 3. I’m not affiliated with this company in any way, just another user of their great software.

On these systems there is nothing more to do. The default sound card emulated in VMware Workstation depends on the program version and the guest operating system:.

Virtual Disk Driver (free) download Windows version

Have fun, but use at your own risk. Graphics settings for Max Payne 2: There is a good step-by-step article at WindowsNetworking. On the host, I was able to play all the games in high quality without noticeable problems.


Y2K Update for File Manager: I also like playing games, not only current ones, but also older games. Added info about VMware Workstation 6. The web site linked to is no longer active. Go to original post.

BAT to start it automatically when booting. The link points to this page.

I think it would be very usefull a kind of driver for the Host operating system Windows and Linux which would allow the operating system to mount a VMDK virtual disk as a kind-of physical disk. Possible advantages for this function: VMware Workstation 5 includes a very nice tool, vmrunthat allows the user to control some VMware functions via the command line, mostly to start and stop virtual machines. If you want to use it, you must explicitly iatos it during installation.

Both critical0’s and Igor’s suggestions take different approaches to the same problem.

Please note that I cannot answer any question on the matter as I myself have never used a 64 bit system. Please enter a title.


The 31pack is now also available as an ISO image, ready for mounting in a virtual machine. I only tried small games and diek VMware Tools are available, so it may not work for more demanding games. It has possibly moved to this page. Updated info about getting sound to work: You should accept the defaults unless you have problems.

However if you cannot build it yourself, I still believe that critical0’s binary is not likely to crash or anything. Katoz off the VM, open the configuration file.

Zamba’s VMware page

Download shell extension for x86 systems. Please type your message and try again. Updated all driver download links to adapt to the changed virtial on the Creative web site. The 31pack is available as a simple set of files or as an ISO image, ready for mounting in a virtual machine.