If your application is degrees and if you do not need a calibration, you can also order the MLX already preprogrammed in SPI mode. Therefore, Vbat is a voltage source of the PTC However, by using the multi point end-user calibration, this error can be improved. Answer You have received parts with the default programming from the Melexis final test, what we called also un-programmed part. Same for the high speed mode. How can I program it is PTC the only option?

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Check the connections of Vdd, Gnd and output. Also the calibration date of the PTC04 is checked by this method.

Is there any C sample code that i meelxis reference? Creating a complex programming protocol compared to a simple mathematical calulation will take much more resources and create more errors.

Do not change any other parameter of the Main Board Description. I advise to check the connection of the output pin.

Answer For prgramming ltc-04 you will need the PTC We use cookies in order to let you fully experience this website. The values I receive are wrong. We were prepared to build a small amount of dedicated hardware to facilatate the programming, but if it is only possible with the PTC, I guess we will be using a selection of pre-programmed devices.


Is it possible to determine in which mode is device without using PTC However, it is possible to get pre-programmed parts pre-programmed by Melexis.

I want to memlock my only if it is tested OK;2 if I want to apply PTC as programmer in Mass Production, how to maintain it in health condition? You can download the software from softdist.

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On the daughterboard we also have relays to switch the output, so I do not see any reason why it should create yield losses if you add a relay. I am using the PTC to program the Engineering samples are available in small quantity. I get this error when I try to read from the device: Can you explain me how to program a sensor in that range without errors?

Any older revision is not able to set up a SPI communication.

This can be verified with measurements screen: Still a registration is required and this is not obvious how to accomplish when arriving on this page. The DB can handle single and dual hall sensors.

PTC Programmer | Melexis

In summary, we do not disclose the programming protocol for the MLX and we recommend to use the ptc in all cases. The actual status is of course that you can chose the PWM frequency. If the contents still does not match the default then most likely the PTC is damaged and should be send back to Melexis.


Also be aware that during the programming with the PTC, the Vdd is set to 7. As mentioned above, you cannot avoid the discontinuity i. Do you have some suggestions about this? Is this the sign of a chip that has been preprogrammed and locked from the manufacturer?

In such a case you have to upload the correct firmware: About the programming of Melecis Question Hello,I am working on one test solution of relevant product;my questions: Scrub 30 Seconds forward. Otherwise you need the PTC programmer. Melexis offers the option of performing a trimming and forming of the leads in order to get a device suitable for SMD mounting.